A montage, reflecting the energy between both collaborators and the roots of the design Motifs 

Geometric structures Study

Hand built, painted and constructed.


The union of anatomical textures and abstract geometrics’
Formed by hand, organically and with the heart, Amanda Dave and Amardeep Sura have produced six White Brass Brooches.
The carve marks left on the surface of the metal are gnarly, leaving baroque details your eyes can wander along, ending in pools of glossy colour.
The white brass is a gorgeous combination of gold and silver tones, showing flecks of blue and green where Amanda has applied light patinas, that over time will gradually expand and grow.

Working closely with the human form, Amanda’s style of texture comes through the morphing of bone like forms into contemporary pieces.
This gritty texture, combined with bold motifs primary colours, geometric and cubism influences seen within Amardeep’s previous design work, makes for a rebellious team.
Community and collaboration are values both artists highly prioritize. The ShiftZero brand especially, working with artists close to the brand, Amardeep wanted to bring the vibe of sports team badges to design aspect.
A call to action. Symbolic of unity, organic beginnings and a real show of ‘I’m on my shit’.

Product Editorial


Broaches Collaboration: 

Creative direction Amardeep Sura & Amanda Dave

Montage videos:

Creative direction Amardeep sura & Barry Finito

Shot and edited Barry Fintio 

Wooden Structures:

Built & Assembled Amardeep Sura 

Photography Amardeep Sura 

Product editorial:

Creative direction Amardeep sura & Amanda dave

Shot and edited Amardeep Sura 


Models Amanda Dave & Jake Palmer 

Pictures 1-6 & 10-12:

Creative direction Hannah Mayer

Photography Hannah Mayer

Edited Amardeep Sura 

Pictures 7-9;

Creative driection | Shot & Edited Amardeep Sura 

2018 © Shift Zero 

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