Better World Music

We believe in a multi-service platform that supports and elevates  our artists and all their creative outputs.

Our mission and core values revolve around entertainment excellence ,  with a strong  social commitment.

Better World Music is a full-entertainment company, inclusive of creatives from various industry such as fashion , technology &  engineering.


Lifestyle Editorial 

Blakseed is the production group under Better world music. All music is produced and engineered buy the three members (Phil, Scott and David) creating a unique sound for the Better World music artists and more.

Bellow is the debut clothing from Better World Music for Blakseed. The OG Hoodie and Bottoms represent a creative uniform worn by all and is just the start of the brands fashion outreach. The artists and producers can be seen wearing the pieces above and the editorial bellow showcases the tracksuit. All pieces are available to purchase from the Web Shop