A D.I.Y generation - Est. 2018

Established in East London by British born Indian Amardeep Sura 


Design derived from his influences; Art, Sport, Music and London. The major pillars within the brand. 

Shift Zero is the start from scratch. New beginnings and organic roots. 


Discovering concepts within the lifestyle of Sura and his peers. The processes and collections Mirror those of a Shift Zero lifestyle and way of living. Highly considered casual wear to the more avant-garde garments each piece is deeply placed within the feel of the culture .


Evolving within other creative circles - creating structures, art pieces, jewellery, exhibitions and film that resonate within all art forms 



Working with new up and coming artists, creatives and personnel is something that is ingrained within Amardeep. Something that is represented through out. 

Shot by THRDS studio